2016 Festival Weekend

Friday, November 18th – Celtic Countdown in Highlander Park!

This year we’re hosting a pre-party celebration called the Celtic Countdown in Highlander Park Dunedin (the site of the festival on Saturday). The event is completely free. Parking onsite will be $5/car. Come join us for a pint or two and listen to some great music!

The Celtic Countdown will feature a unique and talented blend of local favorites and visitors from a wee bit south! The night will be a toast to traditional Celtic music, opened by Dunedin regular, Cage O’Hanlon. Cage brings the spirit of his mother’s ancestry to the stage and every note he sings is infused with the love of his Cork heritage. From Wolfetones, to Clancy Brothers, to Dropkick Murphy’s, you will be swept up in each song.

The boys of Lucid Druid add their unique gifts, talents and take on traditional Celtic music, with Dunedin’s own Adam Quinn on the bagpipes and Steven Turner on djembe. Adam is a multiple World Champion bagpiper, composer and originator of brilliant music, and Steven takes you on a percussive journey with every beat he plays.

Rounding out this impressive evening, we have “West Of Galway” coming up to add their gifts to the night. Bernie Green and Stephen Saddler will have you back in the old country with their musical skills on guitar and violin, and their soft harmonies on some of your traditional favorites.

As the locals would say, “it’s going to be a grand night, indeed.”


Saturday, November 19th – Dunedin Celtic Music & Craft Beer Festival

Gates open at 11am! First band starts at 12pm EST.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets HERE in advance to $$$! The times below are subject to change.